Lenox Artwalk June 6-7, 2021.


The Lenox Artwalk is a collaboration between the Town of Lenox Chammber of Commerce and the Producers of the Berkshires Arts Festival, Richard & Joanna Rothbard. This will be a juried event taking place in the Town Center Parking lots and various other locations downtown. Categories of art to be included in the fair will be Sculpture, Textiles, Furniture, Ceramics, Wood, Fashion, Glass, Painting, Drawing, Jewelry, and Leather.


The Fair will feature a special "RECYCLED" Market Place. All makers of recycled or repurposed artworks are invited to exhibit.

We invite everyone who is inspired to create or has created original recycled works to exhibit in our Recycled Market Place.

The Recycled Art Market's mission is to educate and excite Berkshires County residents about waste reduction, reuse and recycling and to inspire them to see the things they may otherwise consider trash in a new, beautiful way. It’s amazing what can be created with a bit of metal salvaged from a riverbed, broken glass, a mis-matched kitchen spoon and some imagination.

Artists successfully upcycle trash into treasure, combining recycling and innovation to show creative ways to save our resources, while making one of a kind art. The event demonstrates the resourcefulness of the artists and has grown into a powerful economic development tool for existing and emerging artists.

A minimum of 75% of each piece must be recycled materials. It is the unique creativity of these works that inspires people to think twice before tossing out unwanted items.


Lenox, MA is the Berkshires most notable art town; a community known for both its affluence and cultural history. Lenox is the site of Shakespeare & Company and Tanglewood, summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Canyon Ranch and dozens of exclusive hotels B&Bs and Inns. Indeed a very exiting place for any artist to show their work.

Lenox is just a 30 minute drive from Ski Butternut in Great Barrington, home to our annual July Berkshires Arts Festival.

The Berkshires’ reputation for world-class culture is well deserved boasting over 100 cultural attractions including art, theater, dance, music and historic sites, many of which are world-renowned with Tanglewood, summer home of the Boston Symphony the premier attraction in the region.

As you can see on the map, the Berkshires is composed of a series of small towns. Each one is unique within the most diverse region of Western MA.

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Berkshire Map


American Art Marketing in partnership with the Lenox Chamber of Commerce and the Merchants Association will launch this festival in the Town Center parking lot surrounded by galleries, fine restaurants, and world class Inns and B&B’s.

The show will be juried by Richard and Joanna Rothbard the Directors and owners of An American Craftsman Galleries and limited to 100 artists. An extensive multi-media marketing campaign will be supported by our numerous sponsors and partners. Expected attendance 10,000 guests.

For more information about the Berkshires visit:
• Berkshires.org
• Berkshire Edge.com
• Rural Intelligence.com

We are looking forward to having you join us at one of the most prominent cultural venues in the USA.

Richard & Joanna Rothbard, Directors


Send your proposal to Richard@americanartmarketing.com Depending on the nature and extent of your demonstration, there may be a booth price adjustment accordingly.

All Not-for-profits and Cultural Institutions, food vendors & possible sponsors interested in participating may contact Richard Rothbard the Director. Richard@americanartmarketing.com or call 845-661-1221.

This is an outdoor Rain/ Shine event. Most booth will be set up on concrete and should be weighted in all 4 corners with a minimum of 30 lbs for each corner. You must supply your own tent or you may rent from Classical Tents.

All booth displays must be professional in appearance and able to withstand all weather conditions.


• 10 x 10 - $355
• 10 x 15 - $532
• 10 x 20 - $710
• Corner - +$95

(Limited Electricity available to demonstrating artists.)

Photography, Sculpture, Ceramics, Art Glass, Furniture, Painting, Fashion, Metal, Fiber, Wood, Leather, Jewelry, Mixed Media

Produced by American Art Marketing the producers of the Berkshires Arts Festival, American Fine Craft Show at Brooklyn Museum, Art & Design Show Sarasota, and the Art Festival at Rockefeller Center.






Lenox, MA